Ask Me About My Church

 An outreach opportunity for the Church


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Imagine going down your street and knowing that you are not the only Christian. Imagine a neighbour actually asking you about faith?

Here's How It Works:

  • One church takes the initiative to approach all other Christian churches in their community to take part in this outreach. (Do not proceed unless 80% are on board)
  • Find a local printer to make your 20X24 bag lawn sign.  (Do not change what you see to the left - This is about Kingdom building not our kingdom building plus we want to see unity not only in our community but all communities) Feel free to copy the image for your printer to use.
  • Take orders from churches of how many signs they need and then deliver to churches participating.
  • At a set time all those involved will put up one sign on their property and then remove the sign on a set date.
  • Put up last Sunday in August, remove 2nd Sunday in September
  • Put up 2nd Sunday in December, remove 1st Sunday of January
  • Put up the week before Palm Sunday, remove the Sunday after Easter